From Dr. Dan Doolittle, Founder and CEO

After 21 years of practicing emergency medicine, I noticed that the physicians and community hospitals around me were struggling to work together efficiently and effectively.


AWP_0146-Integritas-HR WEBIn my role as a medical director, I noticed that the large companies that staffed the emergency departments in my community brought more headaches than solutions, including poor communication and unreasonable financial demands on the hospitals they served.

Obstacles to productive relationships between physicians and hospitals also abounded. Demanding schedules gave my colleagues little time for rest and even less time for their families. In addition, the staffing companies for which I and my colleagues worked seemed to view their physicians more as commodities than as healthcare professionals with expertise and a vocation to heal.

All of this led me to wonder: could there be practical solutions for both physicians and hospitals? Could those solutions lead to better patient care?

I believed the answer was ‘yes’. Today, my team and I bring physicians and hospitals together to bring efficient, effective, compassionate care to a variety of contexts, including emergency departments, hospitalist programs, intensivist programs, and urgent care centers.

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What We Provide


Emergency department coverage
Hospitalist coverage
Specialist coverage
Urgent care coverage
Local, personalized administrative support
Evidence-based medicine
Dedicated medical directors
Coverage tied to volume
Locally based providers

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Highly flexible, tailored
24-7 administrative support
Medical liability coverage
EMR support
Scribe coverage

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