Due to the increased concern and ongoing changes regarding the spread of (COVID-19) Novel Coronavirus, Integritas has created this page to ensure that our team has the most recent, up-to-date information, including education on newly released information (CDC,  IDPH, NIH, etc.), best practices and also providing resources to the facilities we serve.

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Preparation Checklists:

Important Miscellaneous Notes: 

  • Don’t panic.
  • Do not make your own protocol.
  • Shave your face.  PAPRs and CAPRs are in limited supply. We can use N95s for the whole shift while they are still available.
  • Please do not publicly disagree with the current processes while in the hospital.  You are the leader when you are on shift and it is important for effective teamwork that your team is not fearful and frustrated.  Please reach out to your director or CMO if you have concerns.
  • Up to half of patients present with a digestive symptom as chief complaint, they have worse clinical outcomes and higher risk of mortality. half covid patients present just with diarrhea 
  • Providers – plan on having your temperature logged 1-2 times a shift.  This is an important part of keeping our patients and other providers safe.


  • No visitor policy.
  • EMS should avoid nebs and should be wearing PPE for all their calls.


  • Registration staff need to be protected. If they cannot be behind glass, then consider fit testing and use of an N95 during their shift.  They need protection from sick patients.
  • Patients and visitors should be screened and immediately masked at facility entrance.
  • No handshaking.  Upsell to the patients that while you are so thankful for them, you cannot shake their hand at this time. Remind them that you have seen a lot of patients already and you want to protect everyone by reducing the spread of germs.  We have to reduce contact and perform excellent hand hygiene.
  • Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Febrile Illness Questionnaire
  • Guidelines For Completing COVID rev

PPE Use and Cleaning:

 Workup, Testing, and Management:


  • Airway:

Palliative Care:



Providers – Health and Exposure:

  • Exposed staff guide – UCH Employee Exposure Flow Chart FINAL
  • Exposed or symptomatic provider guide:
    • If you are exposed to a suspected or Covid-positive patient (while you were not wearing PPE) and are asymptomatic, you can return to work but must wear a surgical mask, contact your Director for self monitoring instructions, and report your temp twice per shift.
    • If you have any symptoms and do not have exposure to a known COVID case, (for example if you have a cough) you can work but must wear a mask.
    • If you have a fever, you must stay home and contact your Director.
    • Return to Work guide for Employees Form 5 12 2020 (2)
    • IDPH return to work


Printable Resources for Facilities:


Forms and tracking sheets:

Airborne – NOT droplet only: