It's all about relationships.

We bring hospitals and providers together to provide efficient, effective, compassionate care to patients.

Facilitating Care

Our central purpose is to comfort and heal people in crisis. To do this, we approach each of our hospital and provider partnerships as unique relationships with individual needs and opportunities. By meeting our partners' needs and helping them achieve their goals, we are able to provide excellent, compassionate care to people throughout our communities.

About Integritas


Local, personalized administrative support

Evidence-based medicine

Dedicated medical directors

Coverage tied to volume

Emergency department services

Hospitalist services

Urgent care services

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Highly flexible, tailored scheduling

24-7 administrative support

Medical liability coverage

RVU bonuses

EMR support

Scribe coverage

Competitive benefits for employed providers

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My Story


After 21 years of practicing emergency medicine, I noticed that the physicians and community hospitals around me were struggling to work together efficiently and effectively. This led me to wonder: could there be practical solutions for both physicians and hospitals? Could those solutions lead to better patient care?

I believed the answer was ‘yes’. Today, my team and I bring hospitals and physicians together to bring efficient, effective, compassionate care to a variety of contexts, including emergency departments, hospitalist programs, and urgent care centers.

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